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We have been investing in innovation projects since 2012. Before investing, we analyze a new project promptly and evaluate the risks. Having evaluated the maximum and minimum of the profit, we make an investing decision. Our team consists of professional financial experienced experts worked in investing companies all over the world.

If not us, who?

The future is by the new projects. We are investing in different fields: industry, medicine, robotics and even tourism. There are absolutely ambitious results of the modern innovators ideas by means of our company. Everything we could previously see in science fiction films now is going to become true. Invest in life – is our company`s slogan.

Making profit together

Everybody can become an investor and help us to reach the goals. Investing in our company your money is going to be a total balance and invest to different projects afterwards. After investing into the different projects our company receives dividends and you make a profit on deposits. Due to the long-term experience financial company cash flows is considerable so you get a profit daily without any delay.


The main office is located in Austria. There are many branches located in investment-attractive countries such as UK, USA, Poland, Hong Kong, and Thailand.

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Our company ensures the best security affordable

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Independently approved public certificate provides secure and reliable communications.

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All investments are performed anonymously with regard to personal data protection

Certificates of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company

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Our fund garantees solid state security and private data protection.

Investment Plans

Brief information about our investment services.

Renaissance Invest

Currently Available Plans

We provide a set of convenient and flexible investment plans. They vary by investment duration and potential income rate. Special investment plans based on private terms and conditions are also available upon request. Please note that investment plan duration is specified in calendar days.

Duration: 45
Minimum Amount:
Principal Back:


Investment Plan

You can get estimated income within selected investment plan using this calculator. Please note that possible income is calculated on the business day quantity basis within investment plan duration. Holidays and other non-business days are not taken into account.

Investment Compounding

Payment Systems

You can use the following payment system

Contact Us

Primary contact information

Renaissance Invest Austria
Vienna Plaza
Schottenring, 11
Vienna, 1010, Austria
Main office
(Management & Accounting)

Renaissance Invest
Hong Kong

Rm 2914,29/F Ho King ctr 2-16 Fa
Yuen St Mongkok Kln
Hong Kong
Investment department
Renaissance Invest UK
10 Graycoat Place, SW1P 1SB
United Kingdom, London
Legal department
Renaissance Invest USA
33 Dunham Mall #103, MA 01201
USA, Pittsfield
Financial Counseling
Renaissance Invest Thailand
Rama IX Rd, Khwaeng Huai Khwang,
Khet Huai Khwang, Krung Thep Maha
Nakhon 10310
Thailand, Bangkok
Financial Counseling
Renaissance Invest Poland
Żwirki i Wigury 18, 02-092
Poland, Warszawa
Analytics department

Our specialists are happy to assist you on any inquiry 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Support team is always ready to help you choose the right investment plan or answer any other question.


You can get more information about our services in FAQ section

1. Where does the surplus you get from the interest you pay your investors go?

We are not a charity organization. We do earn money. But unlike most of financial institutions, we do help others. A significant part of profit we get goes to charity foundations worldwide.

2. Who does manage the company and control the money?

The company is managed by experienced financial experts who have a great deal of different project investing experience all over the world. Your money is invested into the perspective investment projects due to we guarantee stable interest charge.

3. What investment plans do you offer?

We offer 7 investment plans:

1. Starter Plus. The minimum investment is $10.00/€10.00/฿0.001. Interest rate is 1.6% per business day. Investment term is 45 calendar days. Compounding is available.

2. Regular Plus. The minimum investment is $100.00/€100.00/฿0.01. Interest rate is 1.8% per business day. Investment term is 45 calendar days. Compounding is available.

3. Advanced Plus. The minimum investment is $1000.00/€1000.00/฿0.1. Interest rate is 2% per business day. Investment term is 45 calendar days. Compounding is available.

4. Beginner. The minimum investment is $10.00/€10.00/฿0.001. Interest rate is 0.8% per business day. Investment term is 45 calendar days. Compounding is available.

5. Stable. The minimum investment is $100.00/€100.00/฿0.01. Interest rate is 1% per business day. Investment term is 45 calendar days. Compounding is available.

6. Progressive. The minimum investment is $1000.00/€1000.00/฿0.1. Interest rate is 1.2% per business day. Investment term is 45 calendar days. Compounding is available.

7. Private Plan. This plan is available to groups only. All the details are discussed individually.

4. How can I invest with you and start earning money?

First of all you need to open an account on our website.

After that, you need to choose the payment method. We accept payments via Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum; Bitcoin cash; Litecoin; Ripple; Monero; Dash; Perfect money Bitcoin and Bank Wire Transfer.

To open an account with Advanced Cash, you need to go to www.advcash.com and open an account there. It will take you not more than a few minutes.

To open an account with Perfect Money, you need to go to www.perfectmoney.is and open an account there. The registration process is also very quick and easy.

To open an account with Payeer, you need to go to www.payeer.com and open an account there. The registration process is also very quick and easy.

After that you need to put your money into your Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Payeer, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash or Perfect money Bitcoin account and then make a deposit into your Renaissance Invest account.


5. Can I withdraw the principal amount in advance?

Yes, you can back your principal amount anytime you wish. Deposits with included compound interest, early closure is impossible. Detailed information is presented in your profile.

6. Do you charge a commission on the bank wire transfer deposit?


7. How many accounts can I open with you?

You can open only 1 (one) account.

8. Can I lose the funds I invest?

All funds deposited with us are insured against loss and all the information related to your deposits with us is kept confidential.

9. What is the minimum/maximum amount that I can withdraw?

There are no maximum limits on withdraw, minimal amount is $0.1, €0.1, ฿0.0001

10. After I submit a request to withdraw interest from my account, how long will take it for the amount to reach my account?

There are 2 withdrawal options. With normal withdrawals, you`ll get your funds in your account within the next 24 hours. With fast withdrawals, you`ll have funds in your account within the next 60 minutes. Please note that fast withdrawals are only available to groups.

11. Can I participate in your referral program?

Yes, every person who has an account with us can participate in our referral program. Inside your account with us, you will find your personal referral link that you can post on your website, blog or in your accounts with the social networks. You can also send it to your friends and family. One thing that we would never tolerate is spam. We do not tolerate it in any forms.

12. How can I benefit from your referral program?

We have 3 level referral program. We pay 7-5-3% on all deposits made by your downlines.

13. Can I represent you in my area?

Everyone can apply to become our regional representative. Please send your applications to info@renaissance-investment.com

14. Are there any additional incentives in being your regional representative?

First of all, as a regional representative you will be able to create a group that can invest under the Private investment plan. The minimum amount under this plan is $100,000.00 and all the conditions are negotiated on an individual basis. In addition to that, all regional representatives will be invited to take part in our annual meetings in Vienna and Monte Carlo, all travel and accommodation costs will be covered by us. Regional representative will be able to personally participate in the development of new investment options for his/her group.

15. How do I close my account?

You can close your account at any time after the investment term is over.

16. Can I activate and de-activate compounding option at any time?

No, you can not do this, but in the near future this opportunity will be available.

17. Can I change the password to my account? How can I do it?

You can do this at any time. To change the account password, you need to send a request to the e-mail webmaster@renaissance-investment.com.

18. Can I change my Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin or Payeer account number?

Yes, you can change your Advanced Cash, Perfect Money, Bitcoin or Payeer account number through the appropriate settings within your account.

19. Can I make additional investments in my account?

Yes, you can do that.